Our attorneysprotect the rights of legal entities and individuals if alleged criminal conduct caused them material, physical or moral damage, or damage to business reputation or property of a legal entity.


If you witnessed commission of a crime or you may be aware of the circumstances relevant to the criminal investigation, legal aid from the licensed attorney at law will help you toavoid a number of problems.


Wronged persons and witnesses who hold a special status under ongoing criminal case also have an arrayof rights.  Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with them and not everyone can properly realize such rights.


A person who witnessed commission of any illegal actions surely will be summoned to give witness statement to the investigating authorities and thereafter at the court.  In our practice, witnesses are often not informed of their basic rights. As a result evidence is often distorted, which might be necessary andbeneficial to the investigator.  It is extremely difficult to prove the contrary when the case along with distorted evidence goes to the court. As a result, your distorted testimony might entail unjust sentence or to the contrary, will help the guilty person avoid legitimate liability.


Based on years of practice in criminal law, we can summarize the following violations of law in respect of rights of witnesses and wronged persons:

• failure to timely take necessary measures forprotection of wronged persons and witnesses;

• untimely recognition of a personas wronged;

• delay in conducting necessary criminal proceedings;

• failure to inform the person of their rights tofile a civil action;

• creation of condition which impede access to justice.


As part of our activities aimed at representing witnesses and wronged personsour attorneys at law render the following services:

• memoranda with detailed explanation of the rights and obligations of witnesses and wronged persons;

• familiarization with materials of the criminal case, preparation of legal analysis, assessment of the case prospects;

• involvement in the process of investigation, including investigative measures;

• drafting and filing the civil suit within criminal prosecution or criminal case;

• drafting and filing motions and petitions;

• appealing the decisions and actions of the investigator, judge, prosecutor and otherstate officials;

• other actions aimed at protecting rights and legitimate interests of the clients.

The fees for services of our attorneys are determined individually upon mutual agreement with the client.

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