Protecting the rights and interests of clients in various courts, in disputes of different categories requires a deep knowledge of particular process conduct. Depending on the category of proceedings a lawyer deals with the applications of various branches of law (criminal, tax, civil, etc.). This is due to the fact that successful resolution of a specific conflict requires deep knowledge of a particular area of ​​law. For example, only a lawyer specializing in Housing would be able to provide professional legal support for any real estate transactions.

Nazkhanov and Partners’ attorneys have particular specialization and experience in dealing with various disputes. Their professional approach increases the likelihood of a successful outcome significantly.

Our attorneys provide qualified legal assistance in business- and economic-related disputes through the following:

• Assessment of dispute outcome at specialized economic courts;

• Assessment of possible successful conflict resolution in the courts and out of the courts;

• Integrated complaints processing as well as extra-judicial representation of clients’ interests including direct involvement in extrajudicial negotiations with different counterparties;

• Preparation of claims, application reviews;

• Participation in economic processes;

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