Our attorneys rendered legal assistance to such oil and gas companies as: Core Laboratories, Tuboscope Vetco, Reedhycalog, Altius Petroleum, Agip KCO, B & W Fluids, Baker Hughes, PFD, Halliburt"Alaugaz" JSC, "Alautransgaz" JSC,  "SHAKHARMUNAIGAS" JSC and "Alliance Nafta" LLP.  Our experience of rendering legal assistance to oil and gas sector companies includes:

  • corporatization of "Alautransgaz" on the basis of the existing gas filling stations;

  • legal support of the activities of "Alaugaz" JSC and "Alautransgaz" JSC including preparation and verification of the set oil&gas contracts;

  • Successful dispute with "UzenMunaiGas" JSC in connection with damages associated with the derailing of railway tanks;

  • Settlement of numerous disputes with the regional and central antitrust authority regarding tariffs for liquefied natural gas;

  • Legal support of the credit line of the International Finance Corporation in the amount of 20 million US dollars to "Alautransgaz" JSC;

  • Preparation of legal opinion regarding establishment of "KazTransGas" JSC;

  • Legal analysis and preparation of legal position in a criminal case involving gas explosion in the South-Kazakhstan region;

  • Defensing manager of JSC "SHAKHARMUNAIGAS" in the criminal case, which ended with the termination of the case;

  • Legal support and defense in the criminal case related to alleged evasion of an oil company from the payment of customs duties on export of oil;

  • Defending allegedly wronged person in a criminal case related to the smuggling of petroleum products of oil products company through the Kyrgyz border;

  • Defending the head of the Chinese oil and gas company in the criminal case;

  • Drafting memoranda on the legal matters, drafting and commenting the oil service contracts (core analysis (Core Laboratories), inspection of pipelines and wells (Tuboscope), drilling and casing work (PFD), repairing of drill bits (Reedhycalog), preparation of drill fluids (B & W Fluids);

  • Represented interests of foreign oil service companies during inspections by government agencies, etc;

  • Review and analysis of the dispute regarding the time of payment downtime of facilities providing services in the provision of services to the oil terminal, reserved for the volume of the oil companies, as well as the controversial issue of the repayment of debt to pay for the supplied volumes of fuel oil;

  • Representing PFD in a labor dispute, which ended with signing  settlement agreement;

  • Representing interests of foreign oil service companies in the dispute over the quality of work performed and non-payment for such services, the claim was partially satisfied;

  • Representation of foreign oil service company based in Aktau in a tax dispute on VAT refunding;

  • Review and analysis of the dispute regarding payment of facilities downtime of the company providing services of oil terminal, reserved for the volume of the oil companies, as well as the controversial issue of the repayment of debt for supplied volumes of fuel oil;

  • Represented interests of "Asian Gas Pipeline" in the case regarding illegal use of land, the case was resolved in favor of our client;

  • Representing interests of several oil service companies in disputes over the recovery of the amounts owed for performed work;

  • Rendering legal support in negotiating and drafting complex credit instruments within the framework of the syndicated loan to the operator of a large gas-transport infrastructure projects worth over $ 4 billion US dollars.

Providing legal support to the buyer, a foreign investor in the acquisition of 40% shares in the Kazakh company that has a contract for the exploration and production of oil and gas in the Atyrau region: the preparation of a memorandum of understanding, the Joint Venture Agreements, the loan agreement and mortgage agreement.

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