Our attorneys defended the interests of representatives of the companies such as: LLP, “Adana" LLP, "ZAC Service" JSC,  well-known Chinese oil and gas company.

Our experience in legal assistance to companies in criminal proceedings includes:

  • Legal support and defense in the criminal case related to alleged evasion of  big oil exporting company from the payment of customs duties on export of oil;

  • Defending allegedly wronged person in a criminal case related to the smuggling of petroleum products through the Kyrgyz border;

  • Defending the head of the Chinese oil and gas company in the criminal case;

  • The firm introduced the interests of private persons in a criminal case. The client acted witness in a criminal case and cooperated with the investigation, however criminal authorities imputed implementation of acts of corruption in the amount of 1,5 million USD.In the present case, the lawyers was possible to fix 20 episodes receiving bribes from officials of the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was the proof of guilt of taking bribes during long-term period.

  • The firm represented the interests of a private person on charges of organizing and implementing the smuggling of petroleum products from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Kazakhstan.The firm's lawyers provided arguments that demonstrate the absence of the crime of client. Attracting the attention and intervention of the President of the Republic Kazakhstan also contributed to resolve the situation. The case was successfully closed, the client's innocence has been proven.

  • The firm represented the interests of a private person in a criminal case on creation of a fictitious organization. The client has been accused of causing economic damage in the amount of 12 billion USD.The firm's attorneys proved the absence of damage. The Court found the absence of a crime in connection with which the case was closed.

  • The firm represented the interests of private persons in a criminal case. Fifteen-year son was killed by a group of five people.The firm's attorneys in the legal protection organized the investigation that led to the identification of suspects. Suspect's guilt has been proven. All the accused were sentenced to long term imprisonment.

  • The firm represented the interests of top management of construction company in a criminal prosecution. Officials have been accused of embezzlement in the construction of a building for the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan — a training center for 700 people. Participation of lawyers of the company has allowed to prove the absence of corpus delicti — embezzlement. The prosecution failed to prove a financial loss.

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