Our attorneys represented interests at civil litigations of the companies such as: PFD,  "Alaugaz" JSC, "Alautransgaz" JSC, "SHAKHARMUNAIGAS" JSC, "Nafta Alliance» LLP, IFC- Kurylys, Alcon Construction Company, Temirtau Found - Mechanical Plant, Aspect Trust, etc.

Our experience in legal assistance to companies in civil disputes includes:

  • Successful dispute with "UzenMunaiGas" JSC in connection with damages associated with the derailing of railway tanks;

  • Settlement of numerous disputes with the regional and central antitrust authority regarding tariffs for liquefied natural gas;

  • Represented interests of foreign oil service companies during inspections by government agencies, etc;

  • Representing PFD in a labor dispute, which ended with signing settlement agreement;

  • Representing interests of foreign oil service companies in the dispute over the quality of work performed and non-payment for such services, the claim was partially satisfied;

  • Representation of foreign oil service company based in Aktau in a tax dispute on VAT refunding;

  • Review and analysis of the dispute regarding payment of facilities downtime of the company providing services of oil terminal, reserved for the volume of the oil companies, as well as the controversial issue of the repayment of debt for supplied volumes of fuel oil;

  • Represented interests of big infrastructure company in the case regarding illegal use of land, the case was resolved in favor of our client;

  • Representing interests of several oil service companies in disputes over the recovery of the amounts owed for performed work;

  • The firm represented construction company’s interests in dispute with the Land Committee. The client had a dispute with the Land Committee over land belonging to the client. Lands Committee attempted to confiscate land in the amount of approximately 3 million USD, due to the fact that it was not in use.As a result, the participation of companies such actions have been challenged in court, which helped to keep the land owned by the client;

  • The company represented the interests of the client — construction company — in a dispute with a partner. Construction company made an incorrect payment for the leased tracks. Counterparty refused to consider the option of return payment. In this connection, the client needed legal assistance to return cash payment. The firm introduced the interests of the client, having made a number of legal actions, and then successfully return the payment in the amount of 1 million USD.

  • The firm represented the client — manufacturing firm — within a property dispute. The firm's attorneys have organized a detailed investigation of the registration process of transition of property complex worth 10 million USD to the ownership of another organization.

  • The firm represented the client in a dispute with the Ministry of Agriculture.The Ministry of Agriculture has filed a lawsuit against the client. Client was charged as an unscrupulous suppliers of services for the government.As a result of the legal strategy of the firm lawyers, the court decided to reject the claim. The successful conclusion of the case helped to keep for the client an opportunity to participate in the provision of services for the government, as well as protection from financial loss in the amount of 3 million USD.

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