Our lawyers rendered legal advice on tax and customs issues to such companies such as: Magnum Cash & Carry, Mars Group,

  • Our experience in legal assistance to companies in tax and customs disputes includes:

  • Representation of interests of foreign oil service company, based in Aktau, in a tax dispute regarding VAT refunds;

  • Consulting trading company  on VAT and CIT issues, issues of possible VAT offsets and deduction of expenses for CIT purposes for legally minimizing tax burden on the product distribution chain;

  • The firm represented a big retail chain — in a dispute with the tax office. Tax Committee counted the company obligation to pay contributions due to the additional VAT assessment. As a result of the legal strategy to defend the interests of the client filed a lawsuit and contested the decision of the tax authority in court. The economic effect of winning the case for the client company amounted to 5 billion tenge.

  • The firm represented the interests of an individual in a criminal case on creation of a fictitious organization. The client has been accused of causing economic damage in the amount of 12 million USD. The firm's attorneys proved the absence of damage. The Court found the absence of a crime in connection with which the case was dismissed.

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