Within the framework of defending the client's interests in tax and customs disputes, our lawyers will render the following legal assistance:

  • Analysis of legality of decisions made by state revenue authorities

  • Preparing petitions and complaints to the tax authority which made the decision, and participating in their consideration;

  • Preparing comprehensive line of argumentation;

  • Complex litigation work, as well as extra-judicial representation of interests of the clients;

  • Preparing a statement of claim;

  • Preparing petitions, complaints and other documents within the course of court trial;

  • Appealing of decisions of tax authorities;

  • Removal of the arrest from the customer's account;

  • Protection of the clients in respect of claims of the Department of State Revenue;

  • Recovery of damages in full in case Department of State Revenue has caused damage to the business;

  • Representing client in court of appellate and cassation instance, drafting appellate and cassation complaints, as well as responses (objections) to the appellate and cassation complaints.

Our attorneys have successful track record of court trials on return the overpaid taxes, disputes over tax calculation methodology, disputes over  refusal to refund or deduction of VAT, challenging the decisions of the tax authorities, etc.

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