Comprehensive and effective protection of rights and legitimate interests of a client in the criminal proceedings is the main task of the attorney at law.  A criminal defense attorney has the authority to be fully involved in the criminal proceedings.

The defender (panel attorney) participates in the main judicial proceedings as provided by the Criminal Procedure Code of Kazakhstan as well as at the request of the criminal defendants, their legal representatives, as well as other persons acting on behalf of or with the consent of the criminal defendants.

The attorney at law presents objects, documents and information necessary for rendering legal assistance, participates in analyzing other evidence, states to the court opinion on the merits of the charge and its proof, the circumstances mitigating the liability of the criminal defendant, or discharging from the punishment as well as on other issues that may arise during the proceedings.


Attorneys of Nazkhanov&Partners have extensive experience of successful protection of the clients on criminal cases of different levels of difficulty. We carry out:

• comprehensiveprotection on the criminal case of the alleged wrongdoer (suspect);

• representation of the interests of the wronged persons in criminal case.

It is also worth noting that our attorneys specialize in white collar crimes.

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