In the course of doing business the entrepreneurs often get involved in various conflicts arising in their relations with public authorities, partners, and contractors. In such cases appeals to the state authorities would be appropriate to protect the rights violated. However, there is always a better and more effective tool in resolving the conflicts including the one focused on pre-trial settlement of disputes.

Experts of Nazkhanov and Partners believe that majority of commercial disputes could be solved efficiently through peaceful negotiations with no need to recourse to the courts. We advise to apply to the justice system representatives only after a full range of all possible extra-judicial procedures fulfilled.

As pre-trial settlement of disputes our firm provides the following services:

  • legal analysis of the conflict
  • professional  legal advice
  • full review of the  documentation provided (contracts, certificates, business correspondence and other papers)
  • preparation of motivated and justified claims against the counterparty or public authorities
  • negotiations with the other party to the conflict
  • development of optimized solutions for all parties of the dispute
  • preparation of a complete set of documentation to legalize the agreement achieved other activities ensuring  successful settlement of any dispute

Based on many years of practice we recommend to business representatives to use the pre-trial procedure to settle the disputes. Attorneys of Nazkhanov and Partners have a broad experience in negotiating peaceful settlements of the disputes in various sectors of business.

Our experts are aware of business peculiarities as well as the most relevant jurisprudence to be applied. We also develop optimal solutions in the disputes for both parties. We assist our clients not only through advice and recommendations but also through practical solutions in pre-trial settlement of disputes. We believe that pre-trial dispute settlement is the best way to solve conflicts.

Dispute settlement service fee is determined on individual case-by-case basis.

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