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Nazkhanov and Partners is a group of qualified attorneys with extensive previous experience in a capacity of prosecutors, judges and investigators.

Our team consists of  9 attorneys, with impressive professional experience and high qualification in the field of legal representation and litigation. 


Tair Nazkhanov Managing Partner

Our advantages :

  • Nazkhanov and Partners is proud of the achievements and own database of precedents, specially designed practices and the particular experience of employees enabling us to successfully accompany the disputes of any complexity. Our lawyers have many years of legal practice not only as defenders but also as representatives of the judiciary and law enforcement systems.

  • We are experts in the rapidly changing legislation of Kazakhstan and we endeavor to be active in developing a legal system of our country. The Nazkhanov& Partners lawyers participated in formulation of various regulatory and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition our lawyers attend different events, round tables, seminars and forums in a capacity of speakers.

  • The clients’ interests are the highest priority for us; however, that is not the only aspect. Our firm puts a lot of efforts in comprehensive development of a legal literacy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Nazkhanov and Partners has founded a public Forum of Attorneys portal which has been serving more than 10000 people over the past five years through legal consultations provided for free. We are actively engaged in legal assistance for individuals with financial limitations together with the students of a leading law clinic at KIMEP.

  • Nazkhanov and Partners seeks to enhance the existing standards of doing business in Kazakhstan. We are constantly improving the quality of our services through successful cooperation with international organizations and foreign companies. In turn, we assist our foreign partners in getting more legal information through introductory meetings on regular base dedicated to legal business-related aspects in Kazakhstan. We are members to Law Society of England and Wales. Our firm is listed in the 2015 Legal 500 directory (both online and hard copy versions) as one of the best companies in litigation sector. 

  • Our Firm of Attorneys combines modern practices of international law firms and the experience of highly qualified attorneys.  Due to such advantage, which was highly ranked by the international rating agency Legal500 as one of the leading law firms in Kazakhstan. Our firm is practically only firm of attorneys that has achieved such results. For more information please see the link: www.legal500.com/c/kazakhstan

  • The Law of Kazakhstan “Attorney profession” provides guarantees of protection of attorneys’ professional activities, which unlicensed lawyer do not have.Such guarantees provide to the attorneys significant advantages over lawyers in rendering legal support to big transactions, which can be highly risky. The laws of Kazakhstan expressly prohibit: (1) unlawful interference with or obstruction of the activities of attorneys; (2) demanding from the attorneys, their assistants and interns of the firms of attorneys any information relating to legal assistance provided to a particular person; (3) performing inspection, review, seizure, removal and checking attorneys dossiers, and other related materials and documents, as well as attorney’s property lawyer, including mobile communication means, audio equipment, computer equipment.

  • Another guarantee of successful advocacy is the attorney request (Advokatskyi zapros).  The laws mandates the public officials and executives of private companies to provide within 10 days period a written response to such attorney request in respect of his/her legal aid.  Working with our attorneys, you can be confident of timely obtaining information/documents required for complete and proper preparation for the proceedings. Violation of these guarantees and the failure breach of statutory requirement to provide timely response to the attorney's request entails respective administrative liability.

  • In the relationships with our clients we unquestioningly comply with the rules of legal ethics as set forth by the Code of Professional Ethics of Attorneys, and the laws setting forth rules of professional conduct for attorneys.  Failure to comply with such requirements may result in suspension or withdrawal of attorney license. All other lawyers are not obliged to comply with any such rules of ethics.

All efforts, actions and commitment of our attorneys are focused on providing highly qualified protection of our clients’ interests. The main principles of Nazkhanov and Partners are professionalism and responsibility. "Honesty. Commitments. Results” – this slogan reflects the foundation of our approach. It is also a basis of our corporate values helping us to build long-term business relations with the clients based on mutual trust and respect.

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